Technologies are the future of client care

It is no easy thing to create a perfect customer experience in interacting with your product or service. But technologies are bringing ideal customer care nearly within reach. At Payment4U, we have extensive experience in business process transformations leading to more-satisfied customers.

No two customers are the same

So why not offer them various possibilities for interaction? After all, depending on the client’s situation and nature, the ideal customer experience can change dramatically. Many clients prefer shopping autonomy. We all find ourselves in situations sometimes where we prefer non-human interaction. Moreover, technology has expanded into all spheres of our lives to such extent that communicating with technology is becoming second nature.

You can be sure that right now there exists an entire segment of customers welcoming privacy and control over the purchasing process. Kiosks are the perfect addition to your services in cases when customers appreciate reliable, fast and private communication with technology, which by its very nature cannot behave inappropriately, be judgemental or offend the customer. What’s more, the presence of kiosks frees up your employees to pay deep attention to those clients who, on the other hand, expect qualified advice and a personal approach.

At Payment4U, we help you to break the code to successful client interface. We will analyse your business and design an optimal, tailor-made solution just for you so you can improve communication with customers on all fronts.


How you offer your products is oftentimes
more important than what you sell.

In a saturated market, the quality of customer experience is slowly but surely creating the difference between you and your competitors. Experts report that customer care is given five times greater importance than is given to characteristics of the product itself! In thinking of what you can offer your customers beyond the usual service, you cannot overlook technology, because it is that very technology which many times brings the most unambiguous benefit.

No queues during rush hours or peak seasons? Kiosks accept payment and hand over goods autonomously, without any need for your employees to intervene. That means they can devote themselves to more complex demands. Availability outside of regular business hours or even 24/7, perhaps in poorly accessible locations or outside the brick-and-mortar business? A kiosk is in the same mood at 3 am as it is in the afternoon, and it doesn’t mind standing outside in a location accessible 24/7. That makes it an ideal partner not only for retail but also for non-stop services (such as petrol stations, car rentals) or for services with traditionally limited and inconvenient business hours (such as public administrative offices, post offices and banks). Moreover, a kiosk manages easily to communicate in an unlimited number of languages and so it is an excellent choice for tourism services or as an assistant for public institutions in cosmopolitan cities.

There exists a whole range of other benefits varying from business to business and which may not even be obvious at first sight. We will be happy to meet with you and talk over your specific case, whether you operate in retail, an online store, a public institution or a charity. The magic of the Payment4U solution lies in its absolute adaptability. This is demonstrated also by our reference customers, who in most cases want to expand the fleet of their kiosks after the testing period.



Self-service payment machines from P4U completely replace physical cashiers throughout our network of shops. The importance of automated payment is crucial, and particularly in high-turnover seasons.

Miroslav Ilger, Head of IT Services Mall.CZ

After good experience with the payment solution in the Czech Republic, I decided to expand the automated payment machines also to Slovakia and Poland. Customers appreciate their easy use and speed of payment, including goods pick-up.

Patrik Cirbus, Operations Manager, NOTINO

Our vision was a fully automated petrol station, including provision of security and connection to our other operations of the wash centre. We were surprised by the flexibility of the P4U payment machine and by the overall reliability of the solution.

Karel Uhlíř, owner of Autoslužby Uhlíř

The automated payment machine in the building of the public transportation company expanded the client services significantly. Particularly outside regular business hours, and not just for passengers but also for drivers of the city public transport.

Roman Tříska, head of the transportation and tariff department, DPMO